How We Work

Drawing from our strengths and yours, we bring sharp focus to your needs with hands-on, sustainable and affordable strategies for your success.

Ballentine specializes in customized problem-solving and capacity building, partnering with you to address your institution’s challenges — and opportunities.

High Touch

Hands-on, customized strategies for institutional success

Ballentine is powered by experienced senior leaders who offer customized, holistic and strategic approaches to building institutional strength and capacity.

Our high-touch methodology and efficient processes offer great value for colleges, universities and independent K–12 schools.

High Teach

Ballentine will listen to you, learn from you — and leave you stronger

Our experts are anything but cookie-cutter in their approach. We will lead you and your team in assessing and addressing your challenges.

We will bring best practice to bear, knowing that each institution is unique. And we will leave your institution with the knowledge and tools you need to replicate and sustain your success.

High Value

Ballentine offers high value at low cost

No campaign or planning process can be independent of an institution’s history and tradition, challenges and goals — or budget.

We offer our services individually or strategically bundled, depending on your needs, timing and resources.

To provide an efficient, nimble and affordable process, Ballentine is purposely lean. We will give your institution the prompt attention and results you seek.

Meet the Consultants

We look forward to talking with you about how Ballentine Consulting Partners can serve your institution.

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