Ballentine Consulting Services

We believe in optimizing the transformational potential of leadership search and transition and executive success, as well as offering specific areas of focus and expertise to both higher education and independent K–12 institutions.

Our services can be contracted separately or strategically bundled, depending on your needs, timing and resources.

Leadership Search and Executive Success

  • Search and recruit: presidential, head of school and cabinet level positions
  • Optimize institutional opportunity in executive transition
  • Executive coaching by an experienced and strategic thinker
  • Assess effectiveness of the senior team
  • Define and develop the leadership brand
  • Strategize and guide leadership communications

Institutional Success

  • Analyze and strategize faculty recruitment and retention programs
  • Analyze and strengthen admission and financial aid programs and policies
  • Design and facilitate strategic planning
  • Design and implement comprehensive capital campaigns
  • Design and implement public relations initiatives to engage constituencies effectively

Trustee Success

  • Assist boards in designing and executing presidential contracts and evaluations
  • Conduct retreats related to effectiveness, focus and leadership support
  • Assess institutional strengths and weaknesses
  • Partner with the board chair and trustees to create the best balance of fiduciary oversight and presidential or head-of-school management;

Faculty Success

  • Assess and strengthen faculty composition, curriculum and budgetary allocations
  • Explore interdisciplinary pedagogy for the 21st century
  • Examine focused graduate and professional programs
  • Apply pedagogical techniques and strategies
  • Assist in accreditation process

Communications & Positioning Success

  • Assess and strengthen executive communications
  • Assess and strengthen internal and external communications
  • Assess and strengthen market position
  • Assess human and fiscal marketing resources and allocation
  • Improve strategies for student recruitment and retention
  • Engage and energize constituencies

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We look forward to talking with you about how Ballentine Consulting Partners can serve your institution.

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